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"Tokyo" is the latest Hi-tension rubber for new era of table tennis.  It is a special rubber which is co-developed by both international player and rubber engineer.  It will be the most satisfactory rubber and can lead you to the road of victory.

This rubber will give a big shock to your opponent with its hidden explosive power.  These hidden powers are result of the high coefficient given by the top sheet and high elasticity of sponge which result to give an easy control of the game.

With this uniqueness of play, it makes you freely to attack and defense.  Advancement of spin, speed and control given by this rubber is for sure enhancing your winning of the game.

Type: Pimple in

Colour: Black / Red

Sponge: 1.2~1.5mm / 1.5~1.8mm / 1.8~2.1mm / 2.1~ MAX mm

Manufacturer: Prasidha