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Long-A Pimple out Long Pimple Rubber Special

Long-A Long pimple Rubber is not same as pimple in Rubber function. Hitted ball can not expect line to reach opponent by Long-A. Ball hit the place on Long-A pimple then unexpected ball fly opponent.

Unexpected ball....?

Hitted player cannot expect the ball line. How can oppenent expect...? Uh...n! YES, sometimes can expect the ball line, however most of the case "can not expect it".

This is Long-A Long Pimple Rubber's special "Enjoy"!

Please "Enjoy & Hard" Table Tennis! Just, can we tell you T.T Technology...!

Receive Top spin but can return Back Spin. Receive Back Spin but can return Top spin to deep into "Bomb". This is Long-A pimple out "Miracle Return"!

Colour: Black / Red

Sponge: OX / 0.4~0.7mm / 0.9~1.2mm

Manufacturer: Prasidha