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Frankfurt rubber - the perfect combination of the stability and explosive power. 

With the pre-implementation of the speed glue effect to the rubber, it resulted in high elastic and gives extreme power to the ball.  This kind of high elastic rubber with such technology implementation have become the new era for Table Tennis Rubber and players are in favor of playing with it.

Frankfurt has a great frictional surface which increases the circular motion while making a top-spin shot.  The ball will have a greater horizontal motion when it landed onto opponent's table.

With the use of Frankfurt for top-spin shots, the player will be able to feel a certain level of power and hand sensitivity - it gives comfort feel of play.

Control: 100+

Speed: 85+

Spin: 90+

Type: Pimple in

Colour: Black / Red

Sponge: 1.2~1.5mm / 1.5~1.8mm / 1.8~2.1mm / 2.1~ MAX mm

Manufacturer: Prasidha